Costa Rican Brides

Finding a Costa Rican wife is a rewarding task. However, local culture and customs are especially different from those in the United States. American tourists may be really excited first when they cross the border. Don’t get too stressed, though. I’m here to help you order a Costa Rican bride with less stress!

Characteristics of Costa Rican Brides That Make Them so Desirable

What are Costa Rican Women Like? Charming with alluring bodies? Yes, the beauty of local brides is undeniable. However, it’s not only beauty that makes a woman magnetizing. Personality always comes first. Especially if you’re seeking a woman for a role of a lifetime partner. Physical traction may get weaker with time, but personality compatibility is what keeps a couple together. So what are beautiful Costa Rican brides like? Let’s see.


Passion is a wonderful double-edged sword in the arms of a lady. Like a red thread, it follows everything these ladies do. Relationships, work, sex. To be honest, this is my favorite feature of local brides. These brides love to be honest about what they feel. You can always say whether your wife is happy and satisfied. Leave guessing games to other ladies. You will resolve fights much quicker and surely strengthen the truce with stunning sex.


Ticas follow the events happening in the world. These brides love to go beyond their bubble and widen their outlooks. In fact, these charming brides are very much opinionated. Don’t be afraid of that awkward moment when you meet a woman and have no clue how to strike a conversation and what to talk about. With a tica, you can discuss particularly everything. Politics, religion, football, they are willing to express their opinions and even debate about it.


All Latinas value their families. They’re attached to the families in which they grew up. Living near a parents’ house and gathering together on a Sunday dinner is what ticas can’t imagine their existence without. Local brides were raised in a society where family is the biggest treasure that one can ever have. It’s no wonder why local ladies can’t wait to start their own families.

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All Latina brides possess overwhelming self-confidence. They know what they want from life and achieve it. In Costa Rican society, women are treated with respect. Females occupy high positions. They become successful politicians and businesswomen, combining their jobs with the role of a mother and wife. Let’s mention Mayi Antillón Guerrero is the former minister of the Economy, Industry, and Trade, Laura Chinchilla Miranda was the first female president of the country, and Anne Slaughter Andrew was the US Ambassador to Costa Rica appointed by Barack Obama. These and many more women prove that females in Costa Rica are in high respect.


As you have already understood, ticas are perfect candidates for the role of a wife. When you buy a Costa Rican wife, you get a caring partner who truly cares about your health and feelings. These women are the type of women who will hear you out in a kitchen and will nurse you in case of a disease. If a Costa Rican mail order wife calls you her family, you’re a lucky one. Appreciate all the care that she gives.

Generous and Non-Materialistic

The Pura Vida attitude to life allows the locals to enjoy the things they have rather than worrying about things they didn’t achieve. Local brides understand the value of money and the pleasure it gives. They value personality over wealth and success. They prefer to spend the money they have rather than hoarding it for a rainy day.

The Appearance of Costa Rican Women for Sale

Costa Rican women are quite different than their counterparts throughout Central America. Especially when it comes to appearance, these brides are some of the most gorgeous and attractive females in the whole world. You’ll find girls that look more European than in other regions. Costa Rican mail order wives are Latinas. Women here inherited every single feature that makes Latinas outstanding.

The very first thing that catches a man’s eye is a curvaceous body shape of a Costa Rican bride for sale. You can easily tell a Latina from the crowd by her petite figure in the shape of an hourglass.

This is not only a body shape that makes a Costa Rican resemble Latinas. Local women have an alluring olive skin color, hazel eyes, full lips, and dark hair. With no exaggeration, a Costa Rican mail order bride looks like a goddess.

Guide on Meeting Costa Rican Women Looking for Love

Day Game

The country’s capital San Jose is, by far, the best place to find a Costa Rican bride. The daylight approach in this town is safe and promising. This is how you will stand out among sex tourists and hookup seekers. Nevertheless, no matter what city you choose, the day game will be effective if you choose the right areas to meet a lady.

San Pedro is a student area with two large universities there. There are lots of meeting spots, and everything is relatively cheap. If you’re under 28, San Pedro is a perfect area to stay. Another important thing to pay attention to are malls. Choose Mall San Pedro, The Multiplaza Escazu, City Mall, and Lincoln Plaza as they are know to be the best ones.

Night Life

Nightlife is flourishing all the time in Costa Rica. Local brides are used to seeing foreigners in nightclubs. Mind your look and speak some Spanish to look extra cool in the eyes of local women. Some of the best San Jose nightclubs include La Concha de la Lora, Vertigo, and

Asylum. You probably would be amazed at how talkative the girls can be in a nightclub or bars, especially after a few drinks. What you should also know is that nightlife gathers brides of all ages and tastes. If one happens to get to San Jose, give it a go.

Online Dating

Costa Rican marriage websites may seem less romantic than an in-person date. Surprisingly, online dating has a range of advantages over a traditional dating process. It’s time and cost-effective as well as more convenient for busy loners. To find a legitimate Costa Rican mail order bride, chat with local women via Tinder. You’ll find quite a decent number of Costa Rican wives online who use this app. Other apps to get Costa Rican mail order brides are Latin American Cupid, Badoo, and OkCupid. Keep reading to learn more about Costa Rican women looking for marriage and how to buy a bride in Costa Rica.

American Brides vs Costa Rican Women

At first sight, it seems that the two nationalities have a lot in common. Women from both countries are educated and beautiful in their own special way. Nevertheless, there are some peculiarities that let me draw the line between American and Costa Rican brides.

First is the acceptance of traditional gender roles. Women in the US encourage equality and may even take a leading position in marriage. Brides in Costa Rica are supporters of the patriarchal family order.

Second, the US women value promptness while Costa Ricans live on ticas time. Suggest an appointment with an American girl, and she’ll be on time (or approximately 10 min late). 10 min is a short time. For people from Costa Rica, time management is not commonplace.

Costa Rican Women for Sale

7 Things to Know About Dating Costa Rican Women

There is no woman in the world quite like a Costa Rican bride. The Latin heritage makes her unique in all senses. Consequently, there are certain things a Costa Rican wife finder needs to bear in mind. I gathered some facts about local beauties and tricks on how to make them fall in love.

Pura Vida

A national motto and tourist slogan that is loosely translated as enjoy life. Pura Vida is literally a lifestyle. Local women have a famous laissez-faire attitude to living. Well, the country is known as the “Switzerland of the Americas” because of its neutrality and absence of an army. Located between Nicaragua and Panama, the country is a tourist spot for the Pacific Ocean, amazing views, and eco-tourism.

Do Clarify What You’re Looking For

You will meet thousands of Costa Rican girls for marriage in large cities like San Jose or Jaco, but you should also remember that your interests may not coincide. Local Costa Rican brides are liberated and open-minded. Local brides may well seek casual dating while you would want to lay the foundation for a family. Besides, the two cities have professional and semi-professional prostitutes who want to be paid for getting in bed with you.

Time Management Is Something They’re Not Good At

How many times did you hear that being late is a common thing in Latin America? These charming brides don’t believe in punctuality because of their laid-back mindset. Be ready to wait for at least 30 minutes before your woman will appear (or not appear). After a few weeks in Costa Rica and you’ll start arriving late professionally.

Do Have Fun with Ticas

These brides know to have fun. Celebrating every day is something that you will exclusively see in the Latin world. Local brides are playful, optimistic, and flirtatious. A tica will make your heart melt with her charming smile. Introverts definitely have to get out of their comfort zone and join a party somewhere in San Jose. Believe me, and it’s worth every effort you invest.

Radiate Confidence

It’s fair to say that Costa Rican mail-order brides love confident men. They appreciate males who are strong mentally and know what they want. A tica dreams of a husband who knows his mind stands his own ground and can take responsibility for a woman and kids. These women want to be around someone who is not afraid of a spirited discussion and won’t capitulate when a relationship becomes a little bit heated.

They Expect You to Speak Spanish

Spanish is an official language in Costa Rica. It’s worth admitting that Costa Rican brides for marriage here also have high education levels, and many speak English fairly well. They see foreigners every day on local resorts. Thus, speaking English is a norm here. Locals may expect you to learn some Spanish to talk to them. You don’t need to get a fluent speaker. A few basic phrases will help you to find a wife in Costa Rica faster.

Take the Lead

Regardless of the fact that local women are quite emancipated and liberated, they’re still traditional when it comes to gender roles. They are relationship-oriented and choose a man to be a head of a household. To get a Costa Rican wife, you need to reveal your masculinity. For ticas, a responsible and strong man is SO sexy.